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Lauren LoGiudice
Actor, Writer, Funny Gal, In the Midst Productions LLC

"I had the great pleasure to work with Madison during my tenure at Behavior + Beyond run by Dr. Marcie Beigel. Madison engineers social media strategies that are custom-built for each client. She dug deep into the message that Dr. Marcie is bringing to the world and created social media campaigns that communicated that in a creative and engaging way.  

Madison is on top of social media trends and is always brimming with new, innovative ideas to boost a following.  She's a team player and is always ready to be part of projects that our team was working on. I highly recommend working with Madison as she's a social media maven!"

Mary Marcus
Author, Blogger


"Madison is kind, clever, amazingly swift and will be the answer to your social networking and marketing dreams.

She knows how to do the stuff you don't know how to do and never ever makes you feel dumb or un-savvy.

I cannot live without her. Nor do I want to." 



Sarah Bennett
Co-author of  F*ck Feelings and F*ck Love, both published by Simon & Schuster

“As two old people best suited for anti-social media, my co-author and I consider Madison to be a crucial (and stellar) part of our team. Online promotion is so important, and Madison knows how to spread the word about our books all over the world wide nets; for one thing, she’s a meme master who gets those images/ads onto on every platform imaginable. Even if you’re not an elderly author who requires a seeing-eye Millenial (but especially if you are), Madison is the social media strategist you need.”


Sarah Christensen Fu
Editor, Author, Digital Strategist

"I hired Madison more than three years ago to support me with a single client, and  expanded my work with her to encompass more than a dozen clients. She quickly mastered software and naming conventions, and brought her unwavering positivity to all our projects. Her efficiency, kindness, and attention to detail impressed me and my clients, and her skill with graphic design and copywriting elevated and improved all the projects we worked on together. Madison brightens the day of everyone she comes into contact with, and brings a unique, fun, and vibrant perspective to any marketing team!" 


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Jil Schlisner
Owner, Moss Pink Flora

"Madison is a vibrant, colorful force, exactly what one needs for the seas of social media.  She’s been a life raft during my busy times, her skills quietly whipping up some buzz with her knowledge on current etiquette and changing trends. "