Light Your Social On Fire Consulting Program

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stop worrying what to post on instagram and light that shit on fire!

It’s Monday morning, the start of a new work week. You sit down at the computer to get your day started, answer a few emails, and then, “UGH. What am I going to post on Instagram today?!” You check your grid to see what you last posted so it’s not the same thing and take a photo of your coffee cup. but that’s not going to work.

What should you post that will attract new business, show off the great branding you’ve already paid for, AND only take 10 minutes or less?

Marketing automation can help you get your social media scheduled, show off your brand, get your email and blogging on track, AND help you attract new leads into your business.

Give up on agonizing about posts or panic-posting to your social media accounts every day. This program provides one-on-one specialized coaching for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn and teaches you how to translate your big business dreams into every day content using marketing automation. Over 4 weeks, you will learn how to use marketing automation to promote the content and stellar client work you’ve already done to attract new clients.

Marketing automation starts with the BIG picture. What blog posts should you write? What freebies should you put on your website? Then, as content is created, marketing automation through social media and email campaigns helps that content get scheduled and out into the world, bringing you new business and a bigger bank account.

Give up procrastinating on your social media and know that it is working for you every single day.

In Light Your Social Media on Fire, I will coach you through your 2020 content strategy and teach you how to make marketing automation work in your business. You’ll leave with a solid 2020 marketing plan, a greater knowledge of how social media works for you, a guide with actionable steps on how to accomplish your marketing goals each month, and a new confidence in social media.

The Details

+ Four 60-minute video coaching calls

+ Custom homework between each call

+ Email support M-F for any questions you have

+ Actionable Steps to unlock the content GOLD inside you

+ Monthly automation guide

+ Tough love accountability

Price: $987

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Hey there, I’m madison.

The Marketing game has been my thing for eight years now. I started as a music writer in Austin, taking photos and blogging about shows for free. And now, I have the distinct pleasure of serving small businesses by helping them get their marketing on track. When I work with small businesses, we start with big dreams and goals and then strategize how to achieve those all the way down to daily Instagram posts.

I now live in Denver, am a Founding Member of Freelance Business Week Denver, and am working on honing my public speaking skills to help freelancers get where they’d like to be!

Light your social media on fire is for you if…

+ You are sick and tired of panic-posting on Instagram.

+ You have great ideas for content but have no idea what to do with them.

+ You have a blog or have started a blog for your brand.

+ You’d like to automate your marketing so you can focus on your products and services.

+ You’re ready to burn all the social media to the ground and need help.

Here’s What People Are Saying

“Madison is on top of social media trends and is always brimming with new, innovative ideas to boost a following.” - Lauren LoGiudice

“She knows how to do the stuff you don't know how to do and never ever makes you feel dumb or un-savvy.” - Mary Marcus

“Madison is a vibrant, colorful force, exactly what one needs for the seas of social media.” - Jil Schlisner

You’ll receive

+ Four hours of one-on-one coaching time to talk through your marketing strategy.

+ Customized homework to move your strategy, content creation, and social media forward.

+ Email support for any and all questions concerning homework and automation.

+ Personalized consulting to help you draw out your big ideas and make them a reality.

+ Monthly automation guide

+ Tough love accountability

All for $987

Let’s Get Going

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