6 Ways to Banish Negative Energy & Get Your Social Media Scheduled


Social media is miserable. It’s a time suck, and when you’re a small business owner and have to plan it as well as consume it, it’s extra miserable.

What do I post today? There are 30 days in a month, where does content for every one of those days come from? Is this hip, does it look good, will my audience like it?

“I’d rather take a nap than plan a month of social media.”.png

Unfortunately for those of us who don’t like to complete miserable tasks, most of our audience is on social media, which means that’s where we should show up to. And don’t forget about evil inconsistency. Inconsistency will kill your business, and make you seem untrustworthy online.

That means, it’s time to get our negativity in check, buck up, and get our social media done.

Like you, I also find social media miserable sometimes. It’s daunting--I get it. But, I also like puzzles, and when I look at social media planning, creation, scheduling, and engagement through the lens of a puzzle, I get excited about it. I’d like to help you help yourself by figuring out different ways to get yourself motivated about social media.

When you’d rather eat a crusty cat turd instead of planning your social, try one (or all) of these suggestions below to help you get in the mood.

Kill The Negative Energy

  • Take a Deep Breath. I know it sounds dumb and easy, but it *does* help.

  • Clear Your Desk Off. A clean and clear work space will help you get into a clear mindset to start your batching day.

  • Put on Good Music. If you don’t have a playlist that really gets you in the mood to get your shit done, you can borrow mine. (It gets updated all the time.) And start working on your own playlist today!

  • Make A Plan. Use this Instagram Checklist to make a plan! Then, once you’ve got your ideas down and planned out it will be easier to create your content.

  • Find Good Content On The Internet. Start a Pinterest Board of images that inspire you, or that you can share on your own account. Just make sure to give credit to the artist! Canva has excellent templates to get started with, and has the best stock photography around. Once you start browsing, I’ll be you’ll be inspired/find something for your grid in no time!

  • Open Up. If you’re feeling like social media sucks and you hate it, talk about it! Get real with your users about what you’re struggling with. Keep yourself in check so you don’t sound whiny, but share your problems and ask your users what they’re struggling with.

If you can’t get out of the funk by going through the items above, here are some ideas to just get it done:

  • Get Funny. Make fun of social media by using hashtags like #content and use your negative energy to get a little cheeky about it.

  • Re-use old content. Like, old old. A great photo or graphic that you just loved and posted over a year ago? Re-use it! “I just had to repost this photo because it’s one of my favorites from…” or “It reminded me so much of this amazing time we had, or amazing client we worked with.” etc.

  • Share something from someone else. #Inspiration is everywhere, just be sure to tag and mention the artist.

  • Share something from your users. #community

If you still feel stuck, hit me up and I’ll do my best to help. Sign up for a session in the Social Media Social Club and we’ll be here to help you get it together!

(PS. It’s free right now, using code CLUBYES)