Instagram Audit: 5 Ways to Refresh Your Instagram

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It’s gonna be mayyyy…

And since it’s May, and we’re deep into Q2, it’s a good time to shake up your Instagram strategy. When was the last time you re-thought what you were posting on Instagram? When did you create your content schedule? Was it 1 year ago? 3 years ago? (Guilty.)

It’s important to change it up for your users once in a while. Keep it fresh for your clients and customers! If you’re posting the same thing over and over, your audience will get bored, or worse, unfollow you. We don’t want that! What topics can you change up, or is it time to introduce a new filter? Maybe you should introduce some fun quote images or inspiring art?

In this blog post, you’ll find 5 ways to transform your Instagram grid and give it a little facelift. I’ve also made you a handy dandy checklist! Download the checklist and print it if you’re a writer-downer, or use it as a pdf to use when you schedule next month’s Instagram content.

Be sure to tag me @madcleo in one of your new Instagram posts so I can check out your refresh! I want to creep that new Insta page, honey, and become friends!

Download the Instagram Refresh Checklist Here

Action 1: Rework Your Bio

Oh, the Instagram Bio! Let’s set up a Patreon, where you send me $1 for every blog, webinar, article, Instagram Story rant having to do with the perfect Instagram bio. How does that sound? Spoiler Alert: I get rich in this scenario.

The thing is, the people yelling about bios aren’t wrong. They’re part of the first impression people get when they visit your profile. They also sum up your biz in one fail swoop, so it better be good. And short!

For an excellent bio, make sure you let people know who you are and what you do while being as specific as possible. Here is an amazing example of a bio: @Kinship_Content & @SmallFoxMedia

Action 2: Create Thoughtful Highlight Categories

If you’re doing anything on Instagram Stories, you should have Highlight Categories to give them a home! Your Highlight Categories should reflect your business categories-ish, like Behind-The-Scenes, About, and whatever categories fit your business. Is it types of florals? Maybe it’s your different product categories such as tees, pants, etc. Maybe you do a lot of giveaways, that is a great category.

These “chapters” of your Highlight Stories give your new clients and customers (and old ones too!) something to click through when they’re craving more content. They also allow your potential clients or customers the chance to stalk you a little and get to know you better.

Start with 3 basic categories and then grow them from there. Here is a great example of Highlight Categories: @McLernonandCo

Action 3: Pick One Filter And Stick To It

When there are so many filter options, it’s easy for me to say “stick to one filter,” and then choose a different filter every day myself. It’s a sickness.

It’s not a good idea to use wildly different filters all over your grid. If you’re branding is wild and crazy all the time like Online Ceramics, go for it. For the rest of us, it’s important to stick to one filter for a cohesive look, adding to the ease-of-view of our grids. Here’s an example of someone who has chosen a funky filter and it works for them, a sort orange-ish vintage filter: @roseybeeme

Action 4: Keep Backgrounds In Check

The secret hack to making sure your grid looks nice and profesh with one fail swoop? Clean backgrounds. Keeping the subject of the image in focus with a very simple background will make your subject stand out.

All those girls standing in front of brick buildings or wooden fences have this aspect of Instagram down. It’s a vibe! That’s not to say you should abandon your principles and ideas and head straight to the nearest blank-ass wall. Don’t do that! Keep your character. Just remember to keep your images as simple as possible.

Here’s an example of the easy-on-the-background-clutter grid: @inkandvolt

Action 5: Check Hashtag Usage

Yes, use a lot of hashtags. Try to pick 15-25. When you’re choosing hashtags, choose a few that you can use every time you post, like your field or your brand name. If you sell products, look for hashtags that relate to your products.

There are websites out there that will help you discover hashtags by searching them and seeing which hashtags are popular and adjacent to them. These websites are definitely handy, but aren’t totally reliable, you’ve got to do a little research on your own. Go look at your competitor’s Instagram grids and see what they’re using. Search one of the hashtags on Instagram, choose a nice-looking post at random, and see what other tags that person is using.

Do a little research!

Don’t forget to download the free Instagram Checklist, and give your customers and clients a refreshing look at your brand and products!

Download the Instagram Refresh Checklist Here