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About MadCleo

I help funky, and fun small businesses look cool online by taking over the things you don't have time for—digital strategy, social media, and social advertising—so you can focus on your clients, products or services.

Unless you’ve been networking for 30+ years, it’s hard to get the word out. It’s time consuming. There are a lot of moving parts. And you’ve got a lot of other things on your plate, like making sure that product or service is the best it can be.

Give me a shout and let's talk about what your idea, next steps, or rad project is and I’ll help you launch or expand it to as many people as possible using the power of the internet. It’s an amazing place.


The MadCleo Team

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Madison Cleo

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

I'm Madison, the creator of MadCleo and I'm so looking forward to connecting. I am an avid Star Wars enthusiast, car camper, and my love language is food. 🍕

MadCleo exists to help you, a small business owner, get through the part of business that most people just cringe over--social media and digital marketing. That means social, digital sales, website help, and lots of writing. After working for a few big businesses, I decided I wanted to help people with guts, heart and a good ideas who focus on helping others. That's you!

I LOVE Dad Jokes. You know, those corny ones you read from the popsicle stick? I laugh so hard. Every. Damn. Time. Lemme know your best Dad Joke over on the Contact Page.

(PS. I ALSO hate wearing pants. See Below.)

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Haleigh Simmons

HI! My name is Haleigh. I'm married to a wonderful man with a giant beard. He fulfills all my Mountain Man fantasies!

We have a sweet little girl name Rylee and 2 Pomeranians, Vader & Leia, that just so happen to be the most annoying dogs on the planet, but we love them anyway.

Guacamole is my life and I may or may not jam out to the Boys II Men Pandora Station regularly.

I enjoy long walks on the beach... I mean, NAPS. I really enjoy naps and I hate wearing pants.