Hello! I'm Madcleo.

Welcome to the Funhouse! Thanks for stopping by.

I create digital strategies for people who have had success with their products and services, but need a little help making their presence online as stellar as their business offerings. 

 I help them craft an internet presence as unique as what they're selling, and grow their audience too. 

What the Hell is Digital Strategy?

If you’re just curious about what digital strategy even means or how that applies to your business, let’s have a short chat over coffee! I’ll explain in regular-people-speak why your biz needs a digital strategy, be it big or small.

How can you help me get my Shit together?

You’ve got a biz, hell you’re even making money! You have been doing social yourself and you’re over it, or you know you need help and don’t know where to start, or straight up do not have the time. Just give it, I got it, and we’ll make some magic with your brand on the internet.


I can do it, but I need a little help.

You are not quite ready to hand over the reigns of your digital presence for reasons like you don’t have the money yet, or you genuinely love doing it yourself, you just need some guidance. Join the Social Media Social Club!